Three Ways To Protect Your Home From Intruders

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While they are not common in Canada, home invasions do still occur. The most recent statistics from 2008 show that police had reported 2,700 instances of an intruder entering a private home. Home invasions can lead to valuables being stolen but they can also lead to violence and death. Here are three ways to protect your home from intruders.

Get a Good Watchdog

An intruder might think twice about trying to enter your home if they hear a ferocious-sounding dog barking inside. Getting a good watchdog can be a wise investment when it comes to protecting your home and your family. Watchdogs are usually very protective of their territory. These kinds of dogs know their job is to sound the alarm when something doesn't seem right. If you want to go even further, a watchdog that also acts as a guard dog is a good idea as they will try to chase the intruder or even corner them until help arrives. Some good breeds to consider when looking for a watchdog or a guard dog include:

Install a Video Surveillance System

These types of surveillance systems can increase the security of your home by monitoring activity. The video can be real-time or recorded for later viewing. While some systems record video only, some record sound as well. They can easily be installed right on the front porch, and you can keep an eye on who is coming to the door from a monitor inside your home. While video surveillance systems can help catch intruders after the fact, they are also good deterrents: if an intruder sees a camera, they might think twice about trying to enter the home.

Install a Home Monitoring System

Most home monitoring systems work by detecting motion. When motion is detected, it sounds an alarm and can also activate the lights. When the home monitoring system gets tripped, a call will automatically be placed to the appropriate responders. Some home systems can even be monitored remotely with your cell phone or computer. Another way to deter intruders with your system is to simply put a sign in your front yard and put the home monitoring system's decals in your doors and windows.

Home invasions can be a traumatic experience and cause feelings of anger, betrayal, and violation. They can also leave one feeling paranoid that it will happen again. The good news is that by using the methods described above, your sense of security will not only be increased, you will feel empowered once again.